Corporate Portrait Wardrobe Recommendations

Below are some examples of different types of clothing you can wear for your corporate portrait. Some people like to be more professional, with a suit and tie, while others choose to go more casual. The preference is really up to you and it also depends on your line of work. 


  1. Bring TWO options for each look. 1 solid choice and 1 backup (2 total please). 
  2. Practice your smile in the mirror before you arrive (yes I know how ridiculous this sounds). If one eye closes more than the other when you smile see if you can find ways to open your eyes wider. Be aware of smiling too large that your gums show. 
  3. Make sure your clothing fits to your body (nothing bulky as it will make you appear larger than you are)
  4. Only worry about wardrobe from the waist-up unless specified.
  5. Be aware of the quality of the clothing you bring. Clothing that is torn/stained/or is pilling tends to not photograph as well. If you need to buy new things you can always keep tags on and return after the shoot if necessary.
  6. Arrive with your clothing hung and ironed.
  7. GLASSES: Your glasses must be anti glad are not light sensitive – frames with the lens’s popped out are best.
  8. Do all pre-shoot grooming now. DON’T wait until the last minute to get a waxing/haircut/tan/etc. You may need time for healing if something doesn’t go as you liked.
  9. WOMEN: bring flesh colored bras appropriate for each clothing choice (we DON’T want to see bra straps in photos).
  10. MEN: if you will be shaving please let me know so I can be prepared and bring all needed shaving materials.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you need additional help after reviewing this document, please call or email me (emailing is usually faster). or 323-375-4528. It is a little harder to get me on the phone because I can’t answer my phone while I’m shooting and I shoot most days but if you call leave a message and I’ll call you back at the end of my work day.

If you would like me to approve your wardrobe prior to your shoot please email me photos of you in the clothes (not laid on a bed please I need to see how they fit you) – I am always very happy to do this for clients (it ensures you will bring the right clothing)!!!

Additional information: MORE SHOOTING INFORMATION


The color palette below is for you to help when selecting colors. These are just some examples so you can see what tones of color tend to photograph better. Colors that are too dull or too bright are problematic. Colors that are rich in tone read better and are better for me as your photographer to get you the best photos.

NO: Black (the only exception is a suit), pure white, red, or neons (these colors are problematic)

Try to stick with solid colors. If the clothing you bring has a pattern choose another layer for over it in case the pattern is too distracting.