On this page you will find a large variety of common headshot looks. Please feel free to bring your own style (discuss this with your agent) or use this page as a reference to chose what looks will work for you.  

Please ask your agents what looks they would like to see and then have your agent approve your wardrobe prior to your shoot day. ALSO p
lease discuss your facial hair situation with them as most agents will want to see you a certain way for casting! (do they want you to shave? do they want your beard trimmed up a bit?) Send them photos (include hair styles and any accessories you want to wear). We will offer our wardrobe and hair recommendations during your shoot but it is your responsibility to communicate with your agent prior to your shoot day. Reshoots for wardrobe or hair style preferences are not allowed so approving hair styles and wardrobe with your agent prior to your shoot can save you a lot of grief later. This process will only heighten your chances of a photoshoot they will love which means they will send you on more auditions! This page is to help you choose options that are best for you.


  1. Bring TWO options for each look. DON’T bring your entire closet with you – spend time selecting and trying on compete outfit choices (top half only) prior to your shoot day. If you bring a blue blazer for a business look, find a shirt that looks great underneath it. Don’t just bring a bunch of shirts rolled up in a bag hoping we will find something great for you. It is your responsibility to bring complete outfits with you – 1 solid choice and 1 backup (2 total please). 
  2. Practice your smile in the mirror before you arrive (yes I know how ridiculous this sounds). If one eye closes more than the other when you smile see if you can find ways to open your eyes wider. Be aware of smiling too large that your gums show. 
  3. Make sure your clothing fits to your body (nothing bulky as it will make you appear larger than you are)
  4. Only worry about wardrobe from the waist-up unless specified.
  5. Be aware of the quality of the clothing you bring. Clothing that is torn/stained/or is pilling tends to not photograph as well. If you need to buy new things you can always keep tags on and return after the shoot if necessary.
  6. Arrive with your clothing hung and ironed.
  7. GLASSES: Your glasses must be anti glad are not light sensitive – frames with the lens’s popped out are best.
  8. Do all pre-shoot grooming now. DON’T wait until the last minute to get a waxing/haircut/tan/etc. You may need time for healing if something doesn’t go as you liked.
  9. MEN: if you will be shaving please bring all shaving materials needed and please let me know you will be shaving so I can plan accordingly.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you need additional help after reviewing this document, please call or email me (emailing is usually faster). info@kattuohy.com or 323-375-4528. It is a little harder to get me on the phone because I can’t answer my phone while I’m shooting and I shoot most days but if you call leave a message and I’ll call you back at the end of my work day.

If you would like me to approve your wardrobe prior to your shoot please email me photos of you in the clothes (not laid on a bed please I need to see how they fit you) – I am always very happy to do this for clients (it ensures you will bring the right clothing)!!!


The color palette below is for you to help when selecting colors so you can see what tones of color tend to photograph better. Colors that are too dull (grey) or too bright (neon) are problematic. Colors that are rich in tone read better and are better for me as your photographer to get you the best photos.

Please keep in mind there are exceptions to every rule (for instance sometimes red looks awesome), but that’s not always the case. If you do bring one of my ‘no’ colors, bring a backup just in case your first choice color doesn’t work.

* Avoid black (with the exception of blazers and jackets), white, red, grey, or neon colors (these colors are problematic)
* Try to stick with solids. If the clothing you bring has a pattern choose another layer for over it in case the pattern is too distracting.



This is the guy hanging out with his friends watching the sports game and ordering pizza (don’t you just love my description?!) Bring a colorful t-shirt with a colorful zip up hoodie to layer over (nothing bulky as it will misrepresent your shape – you want to make sure the hoodie is form fitting). Sometimes a simple graphic tee is nice but please nothing distracting or specific. If you opt for a graphic tee bring a solid one as well in case your choice doesn’t work on camera. If you’d like to bring a plaid shirt for an extra layer that is a great look also…but do choose a plaid that doesn’t read ‘rugged’…nothing flannel (if that makes sense). Flannel is more of a thick cotton feel, plaid is thinner going out shirt feel.


Bring a few colorful undershirts and options for a flannel to throw over it (something that matches). Other ideas could be a light jacket. Crew necks tend to read more commercial, and v-necks more theatrical but bring what you are comfortable wearing. If you choose a graphic t for the undershirt please make sure it’s not distracting. Think “I’m working around the house this weekend and need to go buy paint at Home Depot”. 


This look is best with a simple well-fitted blue or green polo shirt. Please no red, white or black polo shirts. If your shirt has a logo make sure it’s small enough that would be easy to photoshop out. 


You are a working man here, so don’t worry about being too perfect. Aim for a navy , grey, or beige work shirt or something similar to this feel. Bring an undershirt that is appropriate (white is usually a good working-guy undershirt color…the one time I will allow for white!) Avoid black and red.


For this you can choose darker color shirts. Dark grey, dark blue, dark green, burgundy are ideal but if you only have black that is okay also. A leather jacket is always a great way to layer this look (black leather jackets are okay). You are the rough around the edges so play that up. Torn and weathered/worn shirts can sometimes be great for this look as well.


This is the intern or beginning level employee. Not the CEO/lawyer. Bring a variety of colorful collared shirt options as well as tie options. If you don’t love it, don’t bring it. Try to avoid blues that are too light in shade as they tend to read white. Look for colors with a little more pigment. A nice vest sometimes can be a nice addition to this look for a few shots. If you bring glasses please make sure the lens’s are popped or they are anti-glare and non-light sensitive.


This is the CEO, real estate agent, or lawyer. Bring a variety of collared shirt options as well as 1-3 great blazers that you love the way you look in. If you don’t love it, don’t bring it. Black and white are okay and acceptable for this look but if you have a blazer that is not black and shirts under that are not white please bring them as they can sometimes be a better option. If the black suit/white shirt is your signature look please bring that too – I will always work with what you have as sometimes that look is perfect for some people. Bring a variety of ties as well!


This is the role that is unique to you and you go out for a lot. This is a category in it’s own because only you know what this may be. If you are choosing to do something like this for one of your looks really explore wardrobe outfits and have fun with it!


You are coaching little league or college football. Want more inspiration? Just google image ‘college football coach’ for ideas. you’ll see a variety of polos and windbreakers.


You want to be approachable and relatable. Warmer colors are best (blue, green, purple, jean, yellow, ect). Try to stick with solid colors, if you want to add in a pattern the best is to have it be an under shirt with another solid layer over it. A simple sweater with a collared shirt (or alone) is great. Nothing bulky please.


For a more college look try for a letterman jacket. For a more intellect look go for a sweater set or collared shirt with a sweater or vest over. Glasses are great for more of the intellect/geek tech guy but please make sure they have the lens’s removed or are anti-glare and non light sensitive.


This look can double for a theatrical look, but if you want to go specific detective opt for a blazer or leather jacket.


For this you can choose darker color shirts just please no black. Dark grey, dark blue, dark green, burgundy – these are better. A leather jacket is always a great way to layer this look (black leather jackets are okay – this is the one exception to the no black rule as they have texture in them!) We want to see that you have an edge, so play with this more. V-neck shirts tend to work better but if you prefer crew that is okay as well. Henley shirts are great for this look, just no black or white please.


This is for someone who goes out for leading man roles a lot. You can play this up however you like, some examples below will give you ideas for range. For this you can choose darker color shirts just try to stay away from black. Dark grey, dark blue, dark green, burgundy – these are better.


The most important thing with this look is bring form fitting clothing that compliments your body well (nothing baggy please). Try to avoid black, however sometimes black can look great on some men so don’t make this rule the end-all-be-all. Please bring clothing head-to-toe for this look as sometimes we may see shoes. New or newer shoes are best as they tend to photograph best.


The idea behind this look is to be as warm and inviting as possible. Bring clothing that is warmer in color to help this (no grey, black, red, or white). Warm, comfy sweaters are great for this look…a cardigan perhaps. Have fun with it!!!


Similar to a dad look, go for a collared shirt with a sweater over and maybe a tie. A nice option as well is to bring a casual blazer but nothing too business in feel…try for beige colors or tweed or corduroy material.


If you are going out for these roles a lot you should know what type of clothing this is. This is something very specific and should only be for people who tend to book this type of stuff a lot. Play with this a lot, have fun with layers and colors!


You are going camping or fixing a car. A work shirt over a white or cream undershirt for a mechanic look or if you are going more for a rugged everyday man play with flannels and jackets. Bring what suits you best for the roles you play.


This can be currently enrolled or ex-military. Think about the roles you may go out for if you do go out for military roles. Could be for Army enrollment commercials or a movie where you would play an ex-military man. There is a large range of characters here you can play with.